About Us

About Us

Our Church

Logan City Christian Church is a full gospel bible based Pentecostal church pioneered by founding Pastors Robert and Chantal Urban in March 1999. We place great emphasis on teaching the word of God and the full counsel of God. Logan City Christian Church has always nurtured, protected and promoted a strong family style of fellowship which is evidenced by the attendance from the youngest to the eldest consisting of many nationalities.

Our Mission

We are to impact our community, city, our nation and the world for Jesus, and to teach people to live victoriously. We have a mandate from God to unselfishly give and to serve in any capacity where possible, to reach the ‘unreached’ and tell the untold the hope and future there is for them in Jesus Christ. We will accomplish this by using all biblical gifts and current technologies available to us.

Our Vision

  • To teach the word of God both locally and to the outer most parts of the earth.
  • To evangelise both locally and to the outer most parts of the earth.
  • To establish a Christian ministry dedicated to the advancement of religion and benevolence locally, nationally and internationally.
  • To provide pastoral care to parishioners and to the community at large. Baby dedications, water baptisms, premarital counselling, marriage ceremonies, marriage counselling, general counselling, funeral services.
  • To teach from the word of God practical life skills for all ages, colour, race or religion i.e.: building strong marriages, relationships, parenting skills, work ethics, home maintenance, financial budgeting/planning.
  • To establish a ministry training centre.
  • To establish a body ministry team within the church involving, equipping and developing the laity, thus undergirding the pastoral duties and care.
  • To establish an intercessory prayer ministry team solely dedicated to the ministry of prayer.
  • To establish a children’s ministry team tending to the teaching and care of the children within the church and beyond.
  • To establish a youth ministry team tending to the teaching and care of the youth within the church and beyond.
  • To establish a praise and worship ministry destined to minister to the church and beyond to the secular regions, including a recording ministry.
  • To establish an evangelism ministry team dedicated to reaching out to the community, the nation of Australia and to all the nations of the earth.
  • To establish a ladies ministry catering to the needs and care of the ladies both within and without the church.
  • To establish a men’s ministry catering to the needs and care of the men both within and without the church.
  • To establish and provide pastoral care and mentoring program in both public and private schools within the community and to the nation of Australia.
  • To establish a prison /correctional services ministry for both men, women and youth providing a rehabilitation program.
  • To provide leadership training programs thus developing and establishing the future of the ministry and beyond.
  • To provide a community care based program to provide relief from poverty, suffering, distress and or misfortune to the destitute and homeless not limited to the boundaries of our community or nation. To provide food, clothing, shelter, counselling and support for all areas of need.
  • To provide support, rehabilitation, care, crisis accommodation and or refuge shelters for the homeless, victims of abuse, drug addicts, alcoholics, addicts of other substance abuse, including recipients of gambling and mental health issues.

How We Operate

At Logan City Christian Church, the ministry operates firstly by understanding and implementing the prophetic vision given by God at the inception of the ministry. Therefore, Christ imparts prophetic vision through to His appointed leader, in this case, the senior pastor. The vision is written down and instilled into the leadership of the church. It then becomes the corporate responsibility of the leadership to actively cultivate and propagate the same vision into every department they function in.

How We Do What We Do

The church functions and accomplishes its vision through various departments within its framework. This enables the church to reach all ages and all kinds of people regardless of colour, race or religion. The success of this is largely attributed to various outreach programs. Fellowship within and outside of the church enables us to build relationships within the community and beyond.

How We Make a Difference

The reality is, Jesus is fully aware of the need which exists within the community He plants His church. Therefore following His direction and plan is vitally important to see change take place within our mission field. As a result, the members of Logan City Christian Church have witnessed the hand of God move so graciously in our personal lives as well as many lives of whom we have reached within the departments of the church and outreach programs. How quickly a community is transformed when the people receive spiritual, emotional and physical healing in Christ Jesus.